Dash Bodies, finished and kits.

T-Dash bodies will fit T-Jet screw on style chassis and will also fit I-Dash-TJ chassis**.  When using with TFX, you might not be able to use the TFX recommended front screw.

A-Dash bodies will fit 1.5" wheelbase 'snap on' chassis with the wide mount or wide chassis clip...

This includes the A-Dash AFX Mondo, AW X-Trac, Aurora Magne Trac, Tomy Turbo and SRT, AFX Mega series of chassis with wide mounts or chassis clip, Viper with AFX chassis clip, Bulldog Turbo Copy, and maybe a few others that I'm missing.  Will not fit AW Super 3.
**Rear wheel wells might need alteration when using the I-Dash-TJ chassis.