Low stock on most colors - T-Dash Cheetah - LWB - Painted details, unassembled - Choose from 7 colors!

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Dash Cheetah,  This is an adaptation of the original Aurora Cheetah, which we've  made longer to fit the long wheelbase.

Color is molded in.

Details like hood vents, side pipes, head and tail lights, gas caps are all painted in.


Available in red, white, blue, yellow, orange, neon green and black.


These are unassembled and bodies are not clear coated.

There is a body, window and carb stack.  The carb stack has been chrome plated.


Made to fit the T-Dash, Aurora and Wiz chassis.  It might not  work with TFX (CHECK SCREW DIAMETER) and might work with AW chassis.

Nearly all screws used for mounting bodies on t-Jets will work, but if you're using a 1-72 screw for the front the screw might be too small... 

 Does not include mounting screws.

Chassis is not included