Complete Ready To Run Cars and Chassis

 Unless stated otherwise, all cars feature Dash T-Jet Chassis (Classic or Mondo) 

 Each of our RTR cars/chassis receives the following treatment:

  1. Gears are broken in and are super smooth.
  2. Brushes optimized for best performance
  3. Pickup shoes adjusted for best performance 
  4. Every car is track tested to ensure that it performs well right out of the gate.  The pickup shoes will show light wear because of this track testing.  
  5. Chassis were broken in on a Tomy track.  You might need to adjust the shoes if using on a different track.

These are made in small batches and may not always be available. 

Please allow 5 business days for this item to ship 

RTR cars may feature bodies from other manufacturers besides Dash.

All RTR Chassis are completely assembled and track tested.  Pickup shoes may show signs of wear.  This is normal and part of the track testing process.  There will also be signs of oil of the gearplate.