What is the T-Dash Turbo Screw?  

To those unfamiliar with Turbo Screw, it's an 'inline' that will take screw on bodies.

It's a mashup of a Turbo , a Mega G+, Mondo and T-Jet.

'Tomy Turbo style' front and and electricals.

This chassis can take off the shelf parts. Nothing is proprietary. We have made our own versions, but existing shoes, hangers and springs from the Tomy Turbo/SRT, Viper, etc will all work.

Mondo traction magnet tubes tallow for wide adjustability of the traction mags.

T-Jet body mounts.

TS uses a removable bulkhead that forms the electrical bridge between the motor and the shoe hangers. Nothing is soldered in place. The motor is easily removed/replaced.

Depending upon what motor you pop in there, performance can be on par with some of the mainstream inlines available now.

Multiple grades of motors will eventually be available.

These are completely assembled and ready to run. Adjust the shoes for your track, oil the gears and axle holes, and you are ready to go!

The first release of these is up for sale on Saturday Feb 17th, at 6PM Central.

Go to the 'Dash Chassis' section of the store to buy.

Check out our You Tube channel for a recent video of the pre production sample running at Lucky Bob's.