Dash Group Updates

This will be the home for Dash Group Updates.  This takes the place of the Dash Facebook Group.

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General Announcement.  Effective 9/23/22. 

All T-Dash Classic chassis, that were previously equipped with all brass gears, will now ship with a Delrin idler gear.

This does 2 things. It lowers the weight above the axle line which helps it handle better.
The gears also will require less break in since the idler interacts with two gears, resulting in a smoother gear train right from the start.
For people who would still need brass, I would make them available in the store for 3 brass idlers for $1.

6/7/11 - Lots of samples arrived as well as new Cheetahs (see pics)

Cheetahs, details painted in - hood vents, side pipes, head and tail lights, gas caps are all painted.  These are not clear coated.  Sold as 'unassembled', complete with chromed carb stack and window.

Available in red, white, blue, yellow, orange, green and black

In the store now.


American Flag Torino Sample


Olds 442 American Flag Theme

I don't recall asking the factory for this.  But here it is.  An American Flag VW Bug.  I did a Google search and this is actually a 'thing'...

I think it looks cool.


5/18/22 - Limited 'test' run of Mondos added to the Dash Group section of the store.

We have made a special run Mondos (10 of each color gear set), using the black tubs and plates and our new Delrin top gear sets.  5/18/22 - Brass gear sets with 12t pinion. 

Available on June 1st when the black and grey chassis are restocked.  See listing in Dash Section.  Note there are limits.  If these are popular, we'll make more.



5/18/22 - Brass gear sets with 12t pinion

Brass gear sets with the new 12t pinion are now in the store.  All gear sets will now include a black Dash crown gear which is matched to the specific pinion.  

5/16/22 - Body Updates

The sale for black/white 55 Chevys has been postponed to a later date, TBD.  Frankly, I've just been swamped and can't work this in the schedule.

5/16/22 - Gen 3 Updates

Check out the Dash Youtube channel for new video I just put out there yesterday.  It shows a pre-tooling 3D printed prototype of the T-Dash Gen 3 (plastic upper gears, killer bees, 16.5 ohm arm, 9 tooth pinion, 15t crown, Tuff Ones wheels), running against a TFX 16.5 ohm arm, 11t pinion and 15 tooth crown.

Gen 3 is targeted for the Fall...

5/4/22 - Body Updates

Bug - The Bug is going to production this week.  I'll update you on colors at a later date.  Look for these early Summer.

AFX Cobra - I just signed off on the 3D prints for the AFX Cobra.  This will be going to tooling in the next few days.  Hopefully this body will be out by September.


4/20/22 - Brass Gear Sets

There will be a change to our brass gear sets sold in the store.  We will have a 12T pinion available soon.  So there will be 2 listings in the store.  One for gear sets with the 9T pinion and one for gear sets with the 12T pinion. 

Both gear sets will now include the appropriate crown.

The sets with the 12T pinion will be available within the next 2 weeks.

4/15/22 - AFX Cobra

AFX Cobra will be remade this year, look for it late Summer.  T-Jet version might be made again next year.

Here is the CAD drawing for the AFX Cobra, since we had to remake the tooling.  Original tooling was 'lost' by a factory that went out of business.



4/13/22 - 55 Chevys, Cheetahs

New Flame Patterns for the 55 Chevy.  Black will not be a production color.  


Production Two Tones, available in the store soon.  Watch your email for sales dates.



Cheetah kits in red, blue, yellow, green, orange and black.  See 'Upcoming Sales' page for sales date.